The Unpublished Uncle & J.P. Martin Autobiography

My recent kickstarter to reprint some unpublished Uncle material & a biography of J.P. Martin has finished, but you can still order the books here!

For more details of the campaign go here:

I will be taking orders for the limited edition hardback until the end of March 2017, when I will have to set the print run.  The paperback should be available indefinitely. You can order copies using the handy paypal buttons below, or contact me through the front page of this website. The text s the same in both editions. Please make sure to select the correct button!

Paperback UK (£19)                                       Paperback Europe (£23)                                   Paperback Rest of World (£25)


Hardback UK (£36)                                          Hardback Europe (£40)                                    Hardback Rest of World (£44)